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Land Degradation: Overview of international approaches and knowledge sharing

On Thursday 10th of January 2019 a workshop among project partners from Italy was held at UNINT University in Rome. This meeting was not only an occasion to further develop the activity of theoretical and practical knowledge sharing, but also to draw some conclusive remarks and evaluations. Representatives from UNIMOL, UNINA, ISPRA, Roma Capitale, Legambiente and FORMIT took part to the meeting, each giving their contribution to the discussion. In the context of this workshop, four presentations were delivered by Giuseppe Giuliano (Studiogiuliano), Prof. Nunzio Romano (UNINA), Anna Luise (ISPRA) and Damiano Di Simine (Legambiente), while Prof Piero Bevilacqua drew the final remarks of the event. Mr. Giuliano’s presentation was aimed at establishing a framework of perception of responsibility for each human category affected by the land degradation phenomena (from farmers to scientists, from policy makers to pesticides retailers). The analysis was carried out through a survey among relevant stakeholders and was considered very interesting for the assessment of this kind of perception inside the civil society. Following Mr. Giuliano’s presentation, prof. Romano presented UNINA’s results on a series of tests and successful projects implemented in the area of Naples aimed at tackling the problem of polluted and degraded soils (the process of phytoremediation was discussed in detail). Anna Luise from ISPRA, then proceeded to show the current institutional, legal as well as technical-scientific outlook of Italy (in the context of UN and EU legal systems) in relation with land degradation. The last technical contribution was provided by Mr. Di Simine from Legambiente, who described the approach chosen by the environmental organization he was representing as well as the objective of the project Soil4Life. Workshop’s final remarks were handed to Prof. Piero Bevilacqua, who provided a historical perspective on land degradation topic. After prof. Bevilacqua’s contribution, prof. Colombo greeted all participants and closed the workshop.

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