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IUCLAND – International University Cooperation on Land Protection in European-Asiatic Countries, is an educational project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme under the Key Action 2 on “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”. The aim of IUCLAND is to foster Universities' international cooperation among partner institutions through the implementation of training programmes (in the form of summer schools and workshops) dedicated to the topic of Land Degradation. 

In particular, along its three years implementation period, the IUCLAND project's consortium pursues the following goals:

  1. to substantially increase the quantity and quality of the international education in Land Degradation curricula in EU and Asiatic Countries,
  2. to provide MSc and PhD students critical thinking skills in the arena of Soil Monitoring and Soil Protection, and
  3. to build and improve mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships among all the partner universities in order to facilitate research, higher education, and outreach in the areas of natural resource management.     


Project Consortium